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I ordered a used airbag control module from Shokan, and once I received it and took it to my Audi-certified-and-trained mechanic with over 31 years' experience, he told me that Shokan had sold me a module that wasn't, in fact, compatible with my 2001 Audi A4 Quattro. I shipped the item back to Shokan and requested a full refund, but of course their idiotic no-refund-on-electronics policy was... Read more

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Ordered a very specific part (airbag control module) for my 2001 Audi A4 Quattro. They then sent me one that once my Audi-certified-and-trained mechanic tried to install, told me that they (Shokan) basically sold me the incorrect part. Tried to return it by of course they quoted their draconian no-return policy on electronic parts. 15 day return policy is pretty much useless for anything else,... Read more

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Tried to call and inquire about a part. I wasn't sure about some of the car information. After a few back-and-forth questions, the OWNER OF THE COMPANY became verbally abusive, shouted at me over the phone, and hung up. I called back, and got the same treatment without the back-and-forth questions. I wouldn't take a part from this company if THEY paid ME. I've been in the car business 22 years... Read more

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If you get a defective part they are very little help. I ordered a part and paid to have it installed at the local Audi dealer. The part was defective. Called Shokan and got zero help or customer service. They will only exchange the part so now I get to pay the Audi dealer to take it out so I can ship it back to Shokan. And when I get the exchanged part, assuming it isn't defective too, I get to... Read more

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Well you would think someone who has been in business for 35+ years would treat someone better than this. But it is 2012 and I guess times have changed. Called for some parts and when describing what I needed I was interrupted several times....So i politely asked if I may speak and explain. The response I was given was this, "No you may not...goodbye". At that point I was hung up on. So I called... Read more

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